22 Nov 2016

Get into this reviews Goat, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation etc at the Albert Hall

It reads:

Goat headlined an all-dayer at Manchester’s Albert Hall, Getintothis’ Michael Hovercraft and friends took a trip to the next dimension.

It began before that night in late October. In fact it had probably been going down for more than a decade now.

The psychosis they’d been feeling was just an extension of what seemed like forever but Big Rob’s tales about sitting up in his spare room road-testing his new Electrohome Signature Vinyl record player by repeatedly playing Neil Young‘s On The Beach from 2am until 7.45am while hoovering up half of the North End’s class As perfectly suited the day’s pre-amble to Manchester. Big Rob was on fine form and his stories about hallucinating deep into Saturday morning while fantasising about quitting the 9-5 office game and becoming a heavy-weight boxing champion may have sounded fantastical in the extreme yet they were also characteristic about what lay ahead and where they were all at. Who knows, such was his substance resistance he probably could take down half the heavyweight division. And still have something left for later...

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