26 Oct 2016

Soundblab reviews Mirage by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

It reads:

With a compact schedule of both touring and recording, the Stockholm psych experience troupe - Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation have returned. Since last year's full-length debut album Horse Dance, the group with all the same hands on deck as on their previous encounters, unveil to us the 10-track odyssey - Mirage.

A reverbed repetitive overdriven organ motif with a constant tambourine, 'The State (I'm in)' is the album's pilot light. The flame builds with the familiar motorik pulse from the drums, a steady pulsating bassline throughout, added later is an encircling tampura synth. Whilst seething guitar lines reach out around the other instruments, driving forward Josefin's enchanted mantra. An Air-like intro blends into an emerald jaded eastern drone wall on Sister Green Eyes', velvety grooves alongside a hypnotic rendering of percussive beat tones, distant phantasmic choral echoes, sitar simulated guitar, are all ecstatically underpinned by the contagious drum loop - ending with what could be an electric Shahnaz...

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