26 Oct 2016

Flowers Must Die – Sista Valsen reviews in Terrascope and Dayz of Purple

Terrascope say:

The bad news is that by the time you’ve read this the limited run of 300 copies of this almost LP length EP will almost certainly have sold out. There’s a very good reason for that of course and not just that your reviewer has been typically tardy in pulling his finger out. No it’s because Flowers Must Die are as hot as mustard right now as anyone fortunate enough to have witnessed them at Liverpool Psych Fest or any of their recent tie-in dates will surely attest. It’s also testimony to Rocket Recordings that they have this unerring knack of snapping up bands at just the right time, so while Flowers have cut their teeth with an already enviable body of work including three acclaimed albums and numerous satellite releases back home in Sweden, they are just about hitting their peak as Sista Valens so clearly demonstrates...

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Dazyz of Purple say:

To my shame I've arrived a bit late at the Flowers Must Die party - but better late than never eh? Whilst I'm au fait with the Swedish group's earlier recordings, I missed out on the initial hullabaloo that met this release (on Rocket Recordings) but on playing catch up it became glaringly obvious that this is one Swedish group that just goes from strength to strength (unlike some others!). Sweden has a long history of top notch psych, stretching back to Baby Grandmothers, Trad Gras och Stenar and International Harvester, and 'Sista Valsen' sits well amongst those legendary names. 'Sista Valsen' sees the welcome addition of vocalist/violinist Lisa Ekelund who adds a different dimension to this recording. It has a real jam vibe to it that sees the band travel on a different trajectory to their previous outings...

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