26 Oct 2016

Digital Fix gives Requiem a 9/10 review

It reads:

The story of GOAT is a convoluted and reclusive one. With press releases stating they originally hail from the remote Arctic community of Korpilombolo (claimed to be steeped in a history of voodoo worship), they have been playing as GOAT in one form or another for over 30 years performing the music of their culture passed from generation to generation, not to mention their penchant for playing live in full masks and robes to obscure themselves, picking out fact from fiction is an act of endurance. The facts: the Gothenburg based psych rockers have released their third album proper, Requiem, claimed to be their “folk” album, and while it's true the fuzz guitar has been toned down since 2014’s 'Commune', thankfully it hasn’t disappeared completely...

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