26 Oct 2016

Reviews of Goat live in Manchester

This is what happens when a band you love gets really popular”, my friend says to me as we enter The Coronet Theatre, which seems to be already bursting at the seams with people. The Coronet is an awkward venue anyway, with what seem like labyrinths of corridors in the building leading you to nowhere in particular, so trying to get to where you want to be can be a tad difficult...

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Manchester Evening News
Should proof be needed that psychedelic music is as alive and tripped out a delay pedal, this ensemble of current masters in its field is reliable testimony indeed.

The Swedish headliners at the Albert Hall, Goat, are pretty conclusive evidence alone, but chuck in this six-course banquet of bands and DJs - much of it drawn from an hour's radius of here, including tonight's between bands DJ, Andy Votel - and well, your honour, the prosecution rests.

Jane Weaver - a native Liverpool girl but a Mancunian for decades - is a shining example of psych's extensive reach...

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Farout Magazines
Goat describe themselves as a revolving door of like-minded “brothers and sisters”, performing in the kinds of disguises that mean it’s pretty hard to distinguish who (if any) the fixed members of the band are.

And the enthralling smorgasbord of influences that they weave together is just as disorientating, but none of this ever comes even close to treading pretension, or indeed daftness…

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