5 Sep 2016

Uncut reviews Goat at End of the Road

They say:

It is one of those days when it might be tempting to write about the indomitable staunchness of the British festival audience – and the End Of The Road audience in particular – rather than the music they are here to see. As one more raincloud descends on the Larmer Tree Gardens, a great surge of people head regardless to pay homage to Goat, a band whose psychedelic mulch of ritual party music is hugely useful under the circumstances.

Much of the Swedish band’s taste for ethnomusicological forgery is played down tonight, with the desert blues, hi-life breaks and Ethiopiques shuffles generally overwhelmed by a frenetic blend of guitar grunge disco, copious wah-wah and some fruitful long term study of Maggot Brain. It’s a cunning and infectious blend, programmed to work well in tough environments: at one point, a bassline akin to “Block Rockin’ Beats” cuts through the euphoric murk...

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