15 Sep 2016

Introducing 'Union of Mind and Soul' – the new single by Goat

Union of Mind and Soul is the second official single to be released from GOAT’s forthcoming third album Requiem – following the June release of the single “I Sing in Silence”.

You can buy the single from here as of tomorrow (16 September): iTunes

Union of Mind and Soul sees GOAT continue the catchy but stripped down, unplugged approach that was heard on  “I Sing in Silence”. At the core of Union of Mind and Soul is a driving acoustic guitar and a ridiculously catchy recorder riff that will have you humming for hours well after the track is over. Three quarters of the way through the song is punctuated with a propulsive fuzz guitar solo in true GOAT fashion. The end result of Union of Mind and Soul is something like what Black Sabbath would of sounded like if they came from the Wickers Man’s Summerisle.

Union of Mind and Soul doesn’t actually feature on the new album Requiem – this is in fact an alternative different version to the track Union of Sun and Moon which the album opens with. The main difference between the tracks is the vocal approach as Union of Mind and Soul sees the energetic vocalists singing the lyrics in a vivacious manner, where the album’s version Union of Sun and Moon has the lyrics spoken in a slightly more direct and slightly eerie way.

GOAT’s new album Requiem is released worldwide on 7 October 2016 and the band are celebrating it’s release with a tour of Europe:

07 Oct / Babel / Malmö / Sweden
08 Oct / Den grå hal / Köpenhamn / Denmark
10 Oct / Stadtgarten / Köln / Germany
11 Oct / Ampere / München / Germany
12 Oct / Berghain / Berlin / Germany
13 Oct / Karlstorbahnhof EnjoyJazz / Heidelberg / Germany
14 Oct / Cabaret Sauvage / Paris / France 
16 Oct / Desertfest / Antwerp / Belgium 
17 Oct / All Saints Church / Brighton / UK
18 Oct / Coronet / London / UK
19 Oct / SWX / Bristol / UK
20 Oct / Riverside / Newcastle / UK
21 Oct / 02 ABC / Glasgow / UK 
22 Oct / Albert Hall / Manchester / UK
11-12 Nov / Oslo Psych Fest / Norway
23 Nov / Stockholm / Debaser Medis / Sweden
24 Nov / Gothenburg / Pustervik / Sweden