8 Sep 2016

The Pineal Post interviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

It reads:

Delicately dark, slightly stony and beyond brilliant band Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation are about to release ‘Mirage’, the hypnotic and nocturnal chic sequel to last year’s hyped debut album ‘Horse Dance”. We’re psyched to hear it tonight, as the dreamy pop act kick off their European tour with a free concert in an old paint factory in Stockholm. And we actually have Josefin right here, let’s take a moment and hear her out on the details.

THE PINEAL POST: Your new single is called The State I’m In. What state is that?

JOSEFIN ÖHRN: I think the state I’m in is a sort of bardo, an in between state. I guess I was reflecting up on what comes after cutting ties. When you’ve left something behind but your future isn’t clear, it’s a great unknown in front of you.

TPP: And what about ‘Mirage’, what does the album title mean to you?
JÖ: We felt that the album was, in many ways, about that bardo state. One’s future, dreams and subconscious like a flickering mirage.

TPP: You’re constantly traveling, how has that influenced your sound do you think?
JÖ: We recorded the album both in Bristol and in Sthlm. In between playing live around Europe. I think the movement and the fact that the album was made quite fast and intense, that kind of motion can be felt on the album.

TPP: You’re about to go on an extensive European tour, what venues are you most excited about performing in?
JÖ: I’m really excited about the whole tour, playing in a different city each night. It feels extra exciting to be playing in Manchester’s Albert Hall, at Berghain in Berlin and at Cabaret Sauvage in Paris.

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