28 Sep 2016

Soundblab interviews Goat

It reads:

SB: Firstly, congratulations on the wonderful new album ‘Requiem’. What at first seems like a more restrained musical vision, is really a giant leap forwards in showcasing the collective talents of the band. It seems less dense, more free, better delineated. Fair comment? 

Thank you, I´m very happy you like it and hear these developments in the music. We feel that this is by far our best album.

SB: When I saw you at the Metro Theatre in Sydney last year, the music conveyed an energy I haven’t experienced since the peaks of rave culture, managed with most of the band not even moving an inch. The dance movements of the astonishing female vocalists however reminded me of a dragon boat in a Chinese New Year procession ! The crowd went nuts. I know I did. Is this a universal response across the world?  

Where we’ve played so far, people have always been really into it, and that has helped us, and pushed us to play effortlessly and well, and this in turn has inspired our listeners, which have pushed us further, and so it goes....

SB: Requiem is like a modern opus in two parts, the folk-like aspirations of the first six tracks giving way to the more typical abandonment of ‘Goatband’ and beyond ? That transition into ‘Goatband’ is beautifully judged ! 

Thanks! Goatband’ ends side A. The composition of our albums is a very central part of all three of them. On Requiem it was even more important to get it right, since it is 4 sides...

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