27 Sep 2016

Aftonbladet interviews Goat

Rough translation:

Goat choose Ghost as a substitute (plus new single!)
The third full-length album from one of Sweden's most ambitious live bands, which by the way has got a fat hype abroad - Goat - lands October 7. The band has become known for its mix of afrobeat, jazz and hard rock (etc) and calls the "Requiem" for his people plate. Not unreasonably, given the flute rocking the daily fresh single "Union of mind and soul" sounds. Listen to the newly released song here and do not miss the short, funnies interview with Grademaster Fuzz below. Goat Hi! Who emailed me with? - Grandmaster Fuzz. How is the situation in the Goat-camp? - Tip top! How do you feel when you think about the album release? - It feels very pleasant. Do you feel any pressure, given the hype? - No, we never know the press. We do not know how it feels. How easy or difficult was it to get together on this album? - It was easy. Pleasurable and fun. It came by itself as usual. When was the hardest moment? - When one is ninety percent complete, it is always tough to have to make clear to the final percentage. Then you are already long since finished disc into your head and just drag it to the finish. ... And when it was the most fun? - When our singers are singing totally out of tune is pretty fun sometimes...

Read the full interview here: Aftonbladet