30 Sep 2019

Soundblab reviews Julie's haircut's 'In the Silence Electric'

They say:

Many listeners to In The Silence Electric, the new album by the Italian band Julie’s Haircut, will probably shout (out of rage or happiness) - Spiritualized! Ok, possibly, but there are a few things to have in mind with that comparison - both Spiritualized and Julie’s Haircut have been around from the first part of the Nineties, so maybe the Italians were or were not inspired by J. Spacemen and his crew. On the other hand, does it really matter?

Listening to In The Silence Electric, the answer would be a resounding - it doesn’t. You see Andre Rovacchi and co. are neither newcomers nor do they come from music without any roots. From the late Sixties, the Italian modern music scene has had a penchant for developing their own inroads into psych, krautrock, and prog with some quite amazing results.

And all that could be heard in the music Julie’s Haircut came up with here, sometimes even in a single song like “Until The Lights Go Out”. From the NYC cool of Suicide to the Kraut wailing of Amon Duul II and a few other things in between. And then Jason Pierce innovations step in like in the “Lord Help Me Find The Way”, that follows immediately...

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