12 Sept 2019

FREQ reviews The Utopia Strong

They say:

Composed of British-Iranian musician and composer Kavus Torabi (of Knifeworld, Guapo, Gong and Cardiacs fame), Coil and Téléplasmiste’s Michael J York, and Steve Davis (yes, snooker’s number one of yore, now fully bewitched by all things modular), The Utopia Strong‘s self-titled debut LP is a light and airy piece of work.

Theirs is an embryonic exploration with an appreciation of Cluster‘s tune-leeching lactose and a slight kosmische kiss to its eel(ing) curves. I was expecting something wholly motorik, pumped to the nines in commerciality, but was pleasantly surprised to experience a bunch of ideas that are happy finding their own narrative.

The weevilling magnetics of “Emerald Tablet” and the building trajectories of “Konta Chorus” both demonstrate a lovely crafted vibe. The sun-dappled contours of the first chorusing in lush swiping motions, the latter chewing on trippy melodics and keystroke ascends that are begging for an ’80s type of twelve-inch EP kitchen sink remix. The deftness of touch here is impressive, the palette a delicate array of colour jivering in soft melodic interjection...

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