16 Sept 2019

Loudwire say some words about Petbrick

They say:

Sepultura legend Igor Cavalera has unveiled a new industrial project, Petbrick. The band, which also features Big Lad’s Wayne Adams, will release its debut album, I, on Oct. 25 via Rocket Recordings and Closed Casket Activities.

The two musicians decided to collaborate after Cavalera found himself impressed by a Big Lad gig in London. The duo eventually made their way to Adams’ Bearbiteshorse Studio and began tinkering with industrial sounds under the influence of caffeine.

"We wanted to do something different than the other projects we were involved in. Making horrible noise was the first concept behind Petbrick," says Igor.

“I think we realized that we were both pretty much in tune with each others taste, both into a lot of weird electronic music, as well as some decent far out guitar stuff,” Adams adds. “For me personally I definitely pushed the electronics in a much harsher direction.”

"I think the industrial side of things probably comes a lot from Igor’s playing. He hits hard, really fucking hard, and just goes like the clappers, so mix that with gabber and noise you have instant industrial vibes. Yet rather than being an album with its foot firmly on the accelerator throughout, it's one just as comfortable with the elegiac atmospherics of a track such as ‘Sect’ as the hyperactive breakcore-damaged brew of ‘Roadkill Ruby.’

Petbrick released the new track “Horse” earlier today (July 17), which is reminiscent of bleak Ministry works and Alessandro Cortini synth textures.

Read the piece here: Loudwire