18 Sept 2019

Louder than War give a glowing review for The Utopia Strong

They say:

You’ve come here for the fail haven’t you. You’ve come to hear how an album made by a band that includes an ex-snooker player (and legend of the sport) is pure vanity project…that fabled midlife crisis. Well if that is what you are in to then you go need to find your kicks elsewhere because The Utopia Strong is a project that taps into a base need in us for internal examination. A project that manages to sound the same yet different on every listen. This is a project that not only works but has such a distinct sense of purpose and of teamwork that you can see nothing but a bright future ahead for the trio of Kavus Torabi (Gong/Cardiacs/Knifeworld/Guapo), Steve Davis and Michael J. York (Coil/Teleplasmiste/Guapo). In a recent interview with our friends over at The Quietus the trio explained how fun the album was to make and how they have formed such a strong friendship and that is obvious from listening to the music they create…..

Ah yes the music. Free yourself of any preconceptions. The music here is dripping with soul and invention. Whilst it is walking in the fabled gardens of kosmische and psychedelia and you can feel its ancestors spirits within the machines, the music that The Utopia Strong create feels new and urgent. It is a music that manages to be “a mirror into your soul” as the band pointed out to this writer recently and it is very true that what you get out of the album depends on where you are at mentally and spiritually at the time...

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