4 Dec 2018

Three Rocket releases in The Quietus albums of the year

Once again The Quietus has put some Rocket albums in their 'Albums of the year' round-up:


Anthroprophh – OMEGAVILLE
On Omegaville, Anthroprophh keep pushing and pushing, laying on one oppressive and opaque layer after another, and delving further and deeper into their only semi-imagined dystopia. There is another of those pauses before ‘I’, a track on which they intensify their assault once more with a colossal roar, the precursor to the outer reaches.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards
King Of Cowards opens with a simmer, a descending bass riff bubbling away until it boils over into an intergalactic launch of searing noise, and you’re reminded that this is a band of quite tremendous power. Baty’s vocals are more colossal than ever, surfing the monolithic wave with an almighty howl. The rest of the Pigs are on agile form, switching momentum from cosmic rushes to almighty, crushing descents without hesitation.

GNOD – Chapel Perilous

The album is sequenced like a pulverising futuristic space-rock version of Reign In Blood: bookended by overbearing monolithic structures that initially cast shadows over the relatively hard-to-penetrate middle section. It’s great to finally hear ‘Donovan’s Daughters’ in a home setting. While it still slaps hard - and oh, sweet lord Jesus and all of your apostles, that drop - Raikes Parade’s masterful dub creates abyss-deep currents of echo and sky-scraping vapour trails of reverb.

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