29 Dec 2018

Anthroprophh and MIEN in Tomorrow Hit Today 20 albums of the year

They say:

11. Anthroprophh - Omegaville (Rocket Recordings)
The Anthroprophh were born in 2012 as a side project by Paul Allen of The Heads and in just 6 years already have a nice handful of records. "Omegaville" is the only album released in 2018 but counts at least for two since it lasts an hour and a half! The first part is definitely more suitable for lovers of the psychedelic garage with short and wild songs, overhung by the sound of wah-wah to Blue Cheer and Hendrix and almost punk rage. The second part, instead, is a tribute to the Can di Tago Mago: so long psychedelic kraut rock trips very freakettoni, treated with ribbons, loops and assorted stramberie. Both the two souls are of great quality and make a record not to be missed for fans of The Heads and not.

16. MIEN - MIEN (Rocket Recordings)
Tom Furse Cowan, keyboardist of Horros, Rishi Dhir bassist and sitarist of Datsons / High Deals / Elephant Stone, John Mark Lapham of 
Earlies and Alex Mass, lead singer of Black Angels, joined forces in MIEN , a psychedelic quartet that flirts with electronics, kraut, obsessive rhythms, filtered voices, percussion, world music, Indian flavors, dub and all that can make you out of your mind. A study work, suitable for those who do not disdain the "synthetic" taste of psychedelia.

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