31 Dec 2018

Rocket Probes – December 2018 playlist

Here you go, that last playlist of 2018...

Teeth of the Sea – Hiraeth
(First new track to be revealed from forthcoming album WRAITH – and wow, wow, wow, what a track!!)

Crème de Hassan ‎– Technique & Rite

(Avant global grooves n' fuzz)
Crème de Hassan

France – Live à Metamórfosi 2019
(Love this band...more upbeat than Den Haag Lp but just as immersive)

Lo-Fi Women – Город Пиратов
(Pre Gnoomes lo-fi psyched jams from Perm in Russia)
Lo-Fi Women

Creations Unlimited - Corruption Is The Thing
(Nice bit of fuzzed funk courtesy of Mr Cherrystones)
Creations Unlimited

Woven Skull – Woven Skull
(Great new album)
Woven Skull 

United Bible Studies – Rosary Bleeds
(Fuzzed, instrumental funeral folk ...with a possible Cannibal Run referenced title?)
United Bible Studies

Blacknecks - To The Cosmos, Let's Go!
(Cosmic techno anyone?)

Running – Art Seen
(Some nice fuzz destruction)

Daughters – City Song
(Moody repetition)

Biting Tongue – Compressor
(Great Factory records track once covered by Flowers Must Die)
Biting Tongue

Giuliano Sorgini – Africa Oscura
(African inspired electronic library music from 74-76 Italy)
Giuliano Sorgini

Nine Inch Nails – I'm not from this world
(Really good track that wouldn't sound too out of place on a Teeth of the Sea album)
Nine Inch Nails

Johnny Wakelin - In Zaire
(Jonus from Flowers Must turned us on to this grooved pop song)
Johnny Wakelin

Nachash – Vortex Spectre
(Psyched metal)

Exploded View - Raven Raven
(Nice krauty post punk from Anika + friends)
Exploded View

Planet Battagon – Moon of Dysonmia
(Electric Miles from 2018)
Planet Battagon

Jonah Dan - Intergalactic Dub Rock
(Space dub)
Jonah Dan

Senyawa - Sujud
(Black folk metal from Indonesia)

Don Cherry - Relativity suite
(Cosmic global jazz)
Don Cherry 

Bauhaus – Double Dare
(GNOD sounding Bauhaus)

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