4 Dec 2018

Get into this and Songwriting give love to Gum Takes Tooth's Broken Lies single

They say:

Gum Takes Tooth – Borrowed Lies
Knowing nothing about the strangely named Gum Takes Tooth, I approached this track with an open mind, a clean slate for The Gums, as I have decided to start calling them, to write on as they will.

Borrowed Lies gets off to a frenetic start with wildly syncopated drums and fuzz bass before vocals appear and give the song some anchor. There is a hint pf Psych about this, with spacey reverb heavy vocals. When the guitar and keyboards kick in however the song is transformed into a snarling beast. There are hints of a more energetic Loop or a psychedelic Stateless, neither of these are compliments I throw around lightly.

Borrowed Lies gives the impression that Gum Takes Tooth would be an impressive act to catch live. The video seems to feature live footage, with strobes showing the band only intermittently. Between this and the song itself, Gum Takes Tooth would seem to be a hugely enjoyable assault on the senses.

After repeated plays, I firmly hope my 2019 includes a few of their gigs. Impressive stuff.

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Gum Takes Tooth – Borrowed Lies
A manipulated drumbeat that’s dragged from a dystopian nightmare propels this scuzzy call to arms. It’s a bludgeoning electro-psych alarm which is strangely pleasing to be battered by. If Gum Takes Tooth’s purpose is to stir us from our collective malaise, you can consider us roused. DH

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