27 Nov 2017

Treble puts Gnod in their Top 10 Most Overlooked Albums of 2017

They say:

Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine
Well, it’s certainly difficult to see how one could overlook a record with a title like that. And indeed, Salford noise-rock collective Gnod make music that doesn’t easily fade into the background. This set of anti-fascist, anti-capitalist drones, shrieks and driving krautrock rhythms seems to echo a collective feeling of anger and frustration while turning it into an undeniable and devastating series of grooves. There are parallels to be found in bands like Lungfish, who use a similarly meditative repetition technique. But this is much more brutal, much more visceral. It’s a manic, frayed and screeching affront to oppressive bullshit that feels unexpectedly wonderful. – JT

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