1 Nov 2017

Rocket Probes – October playlist

Shit and Shine – That's Enough
(Killer new S&S EP coming out on Rocket)
Shit and Shine

BNNT - Multiverse
(Amazing Heavy/Avant Polish Duo with excellent titles)

(Another album from Instant Classic, this is one of the best records of the year, ethereal repetitive jazz psych folk)

Tuuun - AA0001
(Repetitive Electronica Weirdness)

Menimals - In This Unforgiving Heat
(Great moody ethereal jazz from Riot Season)

A Middle Sex – A Soul Sways West
(So glad Normans have put this out on vinyl, it is something we considered as we love em!!!)
A Middle Sex

Drunk In Hell – Drunk in Hell
(Waited a long time for this album to drop...wow, just wow!! We wish it had a Rocket logo on the label!)
Drunk In Hell

Ju Ju - Our Mother Was a Plant
(Great second album by ex Lay Llama - featuring the djembe talents of Goat's Capra Informis)
Ju Ju

Necro Deathmort – Overland
(Great follow up to their Rocket album)
Necro Deathmort

Crème De Hassan – Technique & Rite
(Afrokraut goodness)
Creme De Hassan

Ronnie and Natalie + Stumpwater - 6 Times
(Lofi garage fuzzpunk from 1972)
Ronnie and Natalie

Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty - A Visit With Ashiya
(Great groove runs through this sitar infused psych from '68)
Merrell Frankhauser

Deafkids – Configuração do Lamento
(Jimmy from TOTS turned our heads to this 'Gnod gone Ministry' EP...check it out!)

Emmanuel - Chainreaction
(Banging techno...nothing less)

Richie Heinen - Beach Freak (1977)
(Quirky fuzz pop)
Richie Heinen

Brain Ticket – Watchin You
(Heavy hammond kraut rock from the bands first album)

Can - Safe
(Later CAN with Rosko Gee & Rebop Kwaku Baah on the groove duties)

The Move - What?
(Great track John Mark sent us, killer minor key 60’s weirdness from Roy Wood & co)
The Move

Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - She Gave Me The Sun
(Another great 60’s pop tune)
Simon Dupree

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