3 Jul 2017

Soundblab reviews Capra Informis's Tunnels of Qliphoth 7"

It says:

Emerging again from the shrouded forests of a Swedish hinterland comes the arterial collective, Capra Informis, a freeform off-shoot of Goat. Maintaining the ironic ruse of anonymity in a mainstream world forgoing all things private, Northern Sweden must be one of the only places on earth remote enough to ward off social media. Clearly there’s contrivance at play here. According yourself the status of true cult makes the droning astral-jamming seem more authentic, as if organically rooted in a mysterious subculture. Still, whether they’re dissecting forest kill amid the flares of dancing torches, or downing Dugges/Omnipollo Anagram Bourbon Barrel Aged Blueberry Cheesecake Stout in the rather more prosaic setting of a downtown hipster bar, the weird and wonderful music they make speaks for itself...

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