5 Jul 2017

Psych Insight reviews Hey Colossus's 'The Guillotine'

It reads:

I only really came across Hey Colossus a few years ago, when the band released two albums in quick succession ‘In Black and Gold’ and ‘Radio Static High’; both on Rocket Recordings. I thought that both of these were terrific and was excited to hear more. Then when last year’s pre-Rocket retrospective, ‘Dedicated To Uri Klangers (2003-2013)’, came out I became fully aware, not only of how good this band were, but the changes in sound that were being wrought over time. A process of change that continues with this new album ‘The Guillotine’.

But let’s step back a bit for a minute, because I never really got round to writing about ‘Uri Klangers’, in fact it seems that this is my first Hey Colossus album review; and I’m pretty late with this given I first picked up the vinyl at a gig in early May. Why is that? I can’t think of any other band that I have liked so much in recent years, yet in written so little.  ‘Uri Klangers’ was a revelation to me… the noise, of my God, the noise… but noise that was somehow controlled and focussed. From the opening bars of ‘War Crows’ it’s four sides of sonic assault that, in another context, you’d be getting charged with GBH for...

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