28 Jul 2017

Drowned in Sound interview GOAT

Ahead of their shows at Womad today and at Brixton Academy tomorrow DIS have interviewed GOAT – it reads:

When my phone gets buzzed by one of GOAT’s members (they’ve never revealed their actual identities, understandably enjoying the privacy of anonymity), I apologise for the lateness of the call. Before I can begin my homogenous line of questioning he coolly dismisses my concerns and asks if I know it’s still sunny at 11pm during a Swedish Summer. I confessed I did not. “The sun is up, I’m right now by the sea, and it’s quite beautiful.” Initially disarming, his digressions about nature and musical niches – at one stage he leaves his phone to scramble through his most recently played artists to tell me about “this cool African band from the 70s and 80s” – become compelling and fascinating. The impression I’d inferred from previous interviews signalled this mysterious, unchatty figure, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. GOAT – which I’ll designate my interviewee for the sake of syntactic flow/convenience – was funny, laid back, and infectiously passionate about music.

He reminded me of strangers you become festival friends with, warm-hearted music obsessives you fondly remember losing their shit to an obscure R&B 7” during the silent disco. In the most old-school sense, GOAT care about the music; its joy, its imprints, its purity, and its independence from politics and projected narratives...

Read the rest here: DIS