1 Feb 2013

Terrascope reviews Anthroprophh

The great Terrascope have said some words on the new Anthroprophh album:

"Solo albums by members of The Heads aren’t what you might expect, it seems. Why just a couple of years back, the Bristol psych-rock legends’ singer/guitarist Simon Price raised the odd eyebrow with “Peaceful Lane”, a collection of largely pleasant, acoustic ruminations delivered in a surprisingly agreeable Chris Rea type baritone, or Nick Drake on roll-ups if you prefer. This welcome release from pyrotechnic lead guitarist Paul “Rock Prof” Allen – one of the most incendiary “lefties” to have stroked the old six-string lacquered plank since the demise of one J M Hendrix - whilst not so stark in terms of stylistic contrast is never the less a more laid back and thoughtful affair than might be imagined..."

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