28 Feb 2013

Rocket Probes February Playlist

Goat - Run to your Mama (Remixes 2 x 12"s)
(Three great new mixes from Cage & Aviary, Cherrystones and The Horrors. they join some of the other stunning mixes that featured on the Piccadilly 'end of year' free cd)

Vision Fortune - Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune

(Debut album from our favourite london three piece...repetitive rhythms underpin headnumbing drones of guitar and keyboard noise)
Vision Fortune

Various- Psych for Sore Eyes

(The packaging for this is something very very special indeed! Congrats to all involved, you should be proud)
Sonic Cathedral

Wild Smiles - Tangled Hair
(Great bit of late 80's sounding psych pop on Invada)
Wild Smiles

Funkadelic - Rat Kissed the Cat on the Naval
(Out-take from the classic psyche period)

Eluffant - S/T
(Scarce 70's Dutch psyched out of this world keyboard driven prog monster - a sample - approx 4.30 mins in this Rocket mix we did a while back)

Julies Haircut - Various

(We have been sent alot of interesting music by this Italian band...lots of varied psych, kosmiche and prog influenced sounds, but still very contemporary...their music at times call to mind Teeth of the Sea)
Julies Haircut

Kosmonaut - Geist 

(Nice kosmiche rave and spacey drones)

Pretty - Mustache in your Face

(Psyched out 60's pop with some really good n' dirty fuzz)

Gnod/White Hills  - Subordinate Contact

(Great percussion driven kosmiche, awash with analogue fuzz...taken off the Aquarian Downer CDR)
White Hills - Gnod

Various - Glam Sandwich and Electric Flares

(Thanks to Cherrystones for turning us on to this comp of dirty, stomping, fuzzy, werido, charity shop glam)

Roger Webb / Keith Grant - The Bends
(Fuzz driven grooved psyche from adult movies)

My Bloody Valentine - MBV
(Not all great, but definitely has some fine moments)
My Bloody Valentine

Igor Wakhevitch - Hathor

(Rituel De Guerre Des Esprits De La Terre 1973......!!!!!)
Igor Walhevitch 

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - M'Bondo
(Visionary neo-tantric synth minimalism and Afro-futurist rhythms)

Seefeel - Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub)
(Minimal electronic remix from these Shoegaze favourites)

Steve Maxwell Von Braund - Monster Planet
(Kraut synth from Oz)

Soft Machine - Soft Machine
(RIP Kevin Ayres)