26 Feb 2013

Salford Lads Cult: A Day In The Life Of GNOD (Quietus Interview)

Following the recent release of their mighty Chaudelande album on Rocket, John Freeman has an audience with Gnod and ends up playing sonic table-tennis and talking about astral travel, crazy Belgians and Eric Cantona:

Salford Lads Cult: A Day In The Life Of GNOD  

Gnod are, quite possibly, the best band in the Universe. This bold proclamation can be based on the fact that no other group could soundtrack a supernova as convincingly as the Salford-based collective. And, that witnessing a Gnod show is a transcendental barrage of volcanic psychedelia; the gig equivalent to having your amygdala replaced with a palantirand letting Sauron’s will smash your future and your past together with hellish zeal. Gnod will make you dance like St Vitus. They are that fucking good. 

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