13 Feb 2013

Pre-order GNOD Chaudelande album

Gnod’s Chaudelande Vol 1 & 2 vinyl only albums on Tamed Records tamedrecords.com have become a thing of infamy as two of the greatest slabs of beat driven, shamanistic space noise to of been released over the past few years and we at Rocket Recordings are proud to announce that we have brought these two mammoth LPs together for the first time on CD and download. The limited edition CD digi-pack (Launch054) will be available on the 25th of February.

The collective that is Gnod has risen out of the DIY ethic of Manchester’s Islington Mill. Central to the ethic is alternative approach to musical creativity and freedom of expression with no regard to established opinions. Gnod is a state of mind. Those who seek Gnod, will find Gnod, the universe is centred on neither the earth nor the sun. It is centred on Gnod.

Recorded in Studio Chaudelande, France, ‘Chaudelande’ takes Gnod’s convulsive vision, straps on electrodes, charges the amps, then overstimulates the vital organs as a torrent of contorted sounds akin to the likes of PilHawkwind, and the Butthole Surfers lignite like an arc-flash repetitive blaze.

The epic pilgrimage that is Chaudelande will take the listener on a ride through the narrow chinks of the cavernous mind in the frenzied spirit of This HeatSunburned Hand of Man and the repetitive beats of Krautrock via Wax Trax.

So come join the cult that is Gnod’s ‘Chaudelande’ as once again the band deliver another jolt to the unsound mind.


Pre-order your copy:

CD and Download on Rocket Recordings rocketrecordings.bandcamp.com
Ltd LPs on Tamed Records tamedrecords

Distributed by Cargo UK (Europe) and 
Forced Exposure (USA)