31 Aug 2012

Rocket Probes August Playlist

Big Naturals - Big Naturals
(Debut self released album from Big Nats, well worth picking up a copy)

Salems Pot - Sweeden
(Ultra spacey, ultra heavy, hypnotic doom from Sweden that we are loving here at Mission Control...and you can love it too: salemspot

Eno & Byrne - Bush of Ghosts (Demos)
(Some different versions of this weirdo kraut disco classic)

Walter Razzati - 1990 Bronx Warriors Soundtrack
(Cheesy 80's 'Warriors' meets 'Escape from New York' meets 'Mad Max' movie soundtrack, but some great 'Goblin' and 'Teeth of the Sea' moments hidden away in there)

Can - Future Days Live
(The band in full swing live in Koln 1973)

Spacemen 3 / Sun Araw - split 7

(Great 7" on the great pop supplement label...a must have!!)

Gnod - 5th Sun
(We mentioned these great tracks on a previous playlist, but nice to have the finished Trensmat 7" of it in our hands and on the deck!!)

Hildur Guðnadóttir - Leyfdu Ljosinu

(Intense absorbing Icelandic cellist drones)

Fairhorns - Doki Doki Run

(Nice krauty, droney, noisey spacescapes on this new album by Matt from Beak>, Team Brick etc)

QMXLX - Tlentifini Maarhaysu

(Another from Matt from Beak>, this time his slide into the world of heavy psychedelia)

We Are Camera - Ausland
(Neu type vibes courtesy of Dave C's Optical Sounds recommendation)

Damon - Songs of Gypsy
(Snake charming biblical Fuzz)

Faust - IV
(From the classic opener to the less experimental side of Faust, loving this album all over again especially the pop based tracks with splashes of electronica)

Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
(Wish there was more of this type of music in the world......oh wait there is; GOAT, ha! Rocket finally get the world dancing again)