1 Jul 2019

Gum Takes Tooth and Teeth of the Sea in The Quietus's 'Albums of the year so far'

They say:

17. Gum Takes Tooth - Arrow
This isn’t an easy listen, or at times even an enjoyable one – Arrow grabs you by the back of the neck and proceeds to electrocute you from inside out, hissing “do you see?” in your ear every 30 seconds. From the artificial heartbeat and shattered, sinuous vocals of opener ‘Chrome Cold Hearts’ to the outer-space metallic maelstrom of ‘House Built On Fire’, Gum Takes Tooth make sure that this is not escapism, but a shackling to the Hellmouth that we have all helped to create. 
Brendan Telford

28. Teeth Of The Sea - Wraith
Teeth of the Sea have excelled themselves on this highly rewarding record. Their collaborators - Chlöe Herington and Katharine Gifford as well as Magaletti, and the production skills of Erol Alkan - has given them a new polish, a sophistication, even. While there was never any doubting their psychedelic influences and their way with a groove, Wraith offers something more. Full of variety and unpredictability, like the best science fiction it maps out a dreamworld of our times, a tonic against the deathly thoughts of the small hours.
Tom Bolton

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