1 Jul 2019

Colourhorizon say some words about Teeth of the Sea's WRAITH

They say:

Aggressively forging the future: Teeth Of The Sea present WRAITH

The Scribes made many Foretelling in the days before the Ending Time. Employed by the Slavic dukes they would toil to make predictions for their masters. While the dukes dined on suckling pig in their marbled halls, the Scribes huddled in the candle light of their under-rooms. When the Foretelling arrived, the eyes of the Scribes would roll upwards in their heads and their quills would scratch ramblings and snatches of the things to come.

One such Scribe, Obseqious, saw Teeth Of The Sea in a dark Foretelling. Obseqious fell into a deep trance for many days, to the point in which the duke raged at the thought of his valuable Scribe possibly dying. When Obseqious awoke his papers where full of scattered notes on Teeth Of The Sea. He later compiled them into a vague narrative, translated by a Czech historian:

… there will come a time in which the beloved Post Rock will falter and fall… 

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