14 Nov 2018

Heavy Pop reviews GNOD's Chapel Perilous

It says:

After the comparatively straight-forward, purposely focused 2017 eruption of Just Say No The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine, Gnod on Chapel Perilous addresses the question of where the supernatural might collide with the everyday - and where the boundaries of one's own intellectual and spiritual realities physical health.

"Whatever one's definition of reality, this psychological realm serves to prove it endlessly subjective and changeable. Robert Anton Wilson has declared the wash-paper to be "the cosmic trigger" - yet there may be some musical outfits in the here and now more worthy of carrying on its tradition than Gnod " not quite modest, while the never restraining band from Salford on their drunkzigsten studio album equal nails with heads and impressively goes into the full - but also more varied and less obvious acts than last.

The opening Donovan's Daughters overpowers as a herbaceous, monotonous-repeater post-punk jam with nasty noise tendencies, lots of factory reverb and the same sluggish bass slant that characterizes Primus, but most of all pushes Stoically into a plane that follows Swans Maybe they do not want to serve their prolonged break anymore. Gnod rub themselves in the Industrial hypnotizing-scratchy, dissonant and atonal, wandering in the atmospheric space of feedback, anthemic tunes intertwine in the tense intensity, and almost eat themselves in the pressure generated...

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