13 Nov 2018

Goat's 'Let it Burn' 7" and Shit & Shine's 'Bad Vibes' in Vinyl Factory's records of the week

They say:

Goat ‘Let it Burn’
A song so popular it warrants the rarest of things: a 7″ re-press. Goat return to their earlier, rawer sound for a song which marries flute, fuzz and early Black Sabbath. for the full effect, listen while watching an early ’70s episode of Top of the Pops. After a series of different colour vinyl editions, this one arrives on blue vinyl.

Shit & Shine 'Bad Vibes'

Craig Clouse is back with his fourth outing for Rocket Recordings. Over the nine cuts on Bad Vibes, you get everything from the feathered double bass of ‘Bottle Brush’ to the straight-up and banging ‘7986’ via the head-nodding ‘Sunrise Sam’. Being warped and wonky has never been so much fun.

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