27 Jul 2018

Rock.IT interviews Lay Llamas

It reads:

Lay Llamas is the equivalent of Nicola Giunta. His project, his fatherhood of "Østro" as "Thuban" , the most recent record of the Sicilian musician (published last June 15), which took the coordinates of the predecessor and then overcome them, expand them, offer them new goals. An undeniable evolutionary line, crossed under the aegis of Rocket Recordings, which Nicola Giunta proudly underlines in this interview.

What changes did you have to face after the departure of Gioele Valenti? 
Lay Llamas is a project founded and managed only by me since its beginning, spring 2012. At the same time, however, I have always used external collaborators - both live and in the studio - who have participated in various capacities. Gioele Valenti has collaborated with me for only one year, from 2013 to 2014, contributing to the writing of "Østro" . So, to answer your question: no particular change, only the choice of new collaborators.

What criteria did you choose the musicians who played on "Thuban"? 
Some of these - Andrea Davì (drums, percussion), Nicola Sanguin (vocals, guitar), Mirko Brigo (guitar) - were part of the second live formation of Lay Llamas, active between 2015 and 2016, and now dissolved. With everyone else - from Luca of Julie's Haircut to Guido Broglio, Goatshee from GOAT to Clinic etc. etc. - instead there is a relationship of mutual respect and collaboration that has lasted for years. No specific criteria, therefore.

Can "Thuban" be considered an evolution of "Østro"? 
I would say yes, at least to a certain extent. I consider "Thuban" an evolution that goes to refine certain ingenuity of writing and arrangement that were present in "Østro". For this reason I like to consider "Thuban" a point of arrival from which to change direction and to evolve further...

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