31 Jul 2018

Rocket Probes – July playlist

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Cake of Light
(First track to be revealed off Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs forthcoming killer album King of Cowards)

Julie's Haircut – Karlsruhe / Fountain
(New self released 12" by the Italian collective)
Julie's Haircut 

Kilchhofer ‎– The Book Room
(Really great organic, tribal-techno grooves n' drones

Ultramagnetics MCs - A Chorus Line
(SO HEAVY!!!!)
Ultramagnetics MCs

Deaf Kids – Espiral da Loucura
(New digital single by our fave Brazilian bad...great psyched tribal-noise)
Deaf Kids

Cave – San Yago
(First new music from the mighty Cave in a few years...nice repetitive krautfunk grooves)

Elektro Hafiz - Elektro Hafiz Dub
(Psyched out dub from Istanbul)
Elektro Hafiz

Loop – Array
(This Loop EP that came out in 2015 sort of passed us by at the time, but it is well worth a listen!) 

Byron Westbrook – What We Mean When We Say Body Language 
(Another track that we keep coming back to...on the ever great Hands in the Dark)
Byron Westbrook

Blurt – The Ruminant Plinth
(Blurt in Can mode)

Spectrum - Geração Bendita
(Weird and at times great Brazilian psych from 1971)

Zohastre - Pan And The Master Pipers
(2/3 of H.U.M have created another fine album of avant repetition)

Massive Attack – Mezzanine
(Still a killer track from possibly their best album)
Massive Attack 

Mkwaju Ensemble - Ki-Motion
(Addictive repetitions from Japan '81)
Mkwaju Ensemble

Colin Stetson - Hereditary OST
(Amazing and immersive soundtrack that is the true star of the film)
Colin Stetson

Fancy Rosey – Punk Police
(Love this...GNOD gone glam from '77?)
Fancy Rosey

Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Where Pathways Meet
(Grooved Jazz from the mighty Ra!)
Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Beak> – Brean Down
(Kraut-pop new single)

Giant Swan – High Waisted
Gian Swan

Theo Verney – Heavy Sun
(What happens when you mix Sabbath with The Kinks...this guy has loadsa amazing unreleased tracks from this era that needs to be heard!)
Theo Verney

N.O.I.A. - Stranger In A Strange Land (Club Mix)
(Repeato Italia)

Varelser - Return To The Beginning
(Huge track of drones and repetitions from this Japanese band)

Hand & Leg – Tie
(Fuzz-punk repetition)
Hand & Leg

Jonathan Wilson - Trafalgar Square
(Very 70s sounding fuzzy, glam/prog rock)
Jonathan Wilson

Life Education – Beyond the Red Waste
Life Education 

Cannibal Ox – Battle for Asgard
(Psyched hip-hop)
Cannibal Ox

Sunwatchers – II
(Fuzzed jazz grooves)

Kikagaku Moyo – Gatherings
(Great new track)
Kikagaku Moyo

Anthroprophh – Omagavillle
(An album that does not leave our record deck!)

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