20 Jul 2018

GOAT feature in BBC6 Music's piece on 'How psychedelia inspired a new generation of artists'

It says:

4. Goat
True psychedelic disciples, Sweden’s Goat exemplify the shamanic trance power of the repetitive groove. They’re also a masterclass in the psychedelic power of myth and image-making. Led by the enigmatic, yarn-spinning Goatman, they claim that the band is thousands of years old, has 2,500 members and hails from remote Korpilombolo in the north of Sweden, a town they claim to be steeped in the practice of voodoo.

One thing that definitely isn’t apocryphal, though, is the power of the masked Swedes’ live shows, where their combination of psych, psych-funk, drone and wild heavy rock comes alive in a communal, cathartic ritual experience worth sacrificing a lot to experience.

Read the full article here: BBC6 Music


Also nice to see GOAT's Let it Burn feature on a Tom Robinson 'Psychedelic Playlist' for BBC 6 Music. Listen here: Tom Robinson