29 Jun 2017

Something is blogged ... nothing is gained reviews Temple Ov BBV LP

It reads:

"In 1965 the Dutch scientist and psychedelic pioneer Bart Huges embarked on a personal journey by taking an electric dentist’s drill and using it to open a hole in his skull, theorising that this measure - known as trepanation and chronicled in this book ‘The Mechanics Of Brain Blood Volume (BBV) - would result in enhanced mental power, and in effect a permanent high for the owner of the skull in question."

I seldom quote whole paragraphs directly from the band I'm reviewing, but as this perfectly describes the inspiration for the project name as well es the brilliant artwork of the Temple Ov BBV debut including the diecut hole on the front cover, why waste time with paraphrasing?

Officially released on June 9th (yet I grabbed it in April at the Roadburn Festival after their show) there are now only a few copies of this beautiful first pressing left.
I basically already reviewed this work in its live version, but luckily there's still enough to be said without parroting myself.

As this record came out only shortly after Gnod's "Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine" and is overall very close in scope, I perceive them also kind of siblings and I guess it's pretty save to assume that anyone who loves one of these albums can smoothly dive into the other one without risk of getting disappointed...

Read the rest here: SiBNiG