12 Jun 2017



Pheeeew, Gnod have landed back in Manchester safe and sound after a pretty mammoth couple of months playing. We cannot really express in words how grateful we are to all the good people that put us on, up and come to see us. We have made so many new friends and had to time to see old ones and it’s great to reinforce the fact that whatever kind of bullshit is going down in politics in the world that generally people are good and there is way more love out there than hate. Don’t believe the Hype machine, put your smartphone down for an hour and engage with the people around you in real time.

10 years of playing and touring with Gnod has brought us in touch with so many top class folks and this year we got to see a helluva lot of them.

So here goes, much love and thanks to all these heads for the support for the last ten years and this years immense Euro n Uk shows..

Islington Mill crew, ImpaTv crew, ModerateTwatKissa, all the People of Manchester and Salford , Rocket Recordings, Swamp Booking, Dutch Pete, Big Jim, Adam Reid, H&O, Mark Wagner, Dave and Ego, Sven, Jan, Matilde , Carl Weiner, Markus and Betty, German and Gabriella, Brown Sharpies, Bob De Wit….endless list haha

Waka and the all the madheads at the Golden Lion in Todmorden, Babayagas in London, Gaspard and all at Instant Chavires in Paris , Ben ,Dennis, Christophe at Mag4 in Brussels, Jan, Matilde, Elodie and all the Brussels crew, Walter, Jurgen , Becky, Yvo and Amina and everyone at Roadburn festival..it was such an unbelievable honour to be artists in residence and play 4 shows, shouts to Radar Men, Vanishing and Kuro for the amazing performances with us, Julie at Stimultania in Strasbourg ACAB next time we will do a full show without any police intervention, Sixto, Simon and all the amazing heads at Cave 12 in Geneva, All the crew at Sonic Lyon and Vavasseur/Desenfant for joining us for a jam, Machno at BlahBlah in Torino, Chris an all the people at Bronson in Ravenna, Micho at Klub Gromka in Ljubljana..was great to have coffee and cat chats with you man.. Lisi and all the crew at Donau fest and Horse Lords for killing it that night, Radek at Klub Famu in Prague, killer gig, great to catch up with Viktor and our Lightning Glove family over there, Wouter at Gouvernment in Gent..such a cool place , perfect for a Gnod electronic set, all the crew in Liege at Le Garage..amazing support from young Belgian band Maze, All at the Green door store in Brighton..another amazing support show from Kevs band that I can’t remember the name of, all the crew in Cambridge, great show looking forward to playing Strawberry fair for y'all one day please, then we had the Gnod Weekender in Bristol…wow what a time.. massive love for all the Schwet crew, Adam , Jen , Dan, Tristan all them amazing heads, all the bands that played it, Organchrist, Victor, Zohastre, Surgeon, Kuro, Ocean Floor, Alex n Kaskie, Giant Swan all the Gnod sides, such a good weekend , love you all. Joel at the Cluny in Toon, batey, Bong lads and all the madfuckers we know up there, Jordan in Rouen at le 3 pieces ..amazing support from Valeskja, all the crew at In Utero in Mechelen..first of many for you I hope, Tom and all the brilliant folk at Water Moulin in Tournai, one of our fave nights..great gig, great party great vibes, Laiki, Uncle Frank and all the people who made the effort in Frankfurt even though we could have actually killed you with volume, also thanks for the tattoos Uncle Frank, Jeppe and all the great folk at Tape in Aarhus, kart and all the sweet people in 1000fryd in Aalborg..amazing place you have there, Loppen in Copenhagen and huge thanks to our good friend Sven there for his good vibes, help and acupuncture and massage skills, love you a lot dude, All the amazing folk at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg..such a solid bunch of heads, same goes for the crew at Plan B in Malmo..great place great vibes especially Destructive Noise dude..much love… , Carl and all the people on the boat at Stubnitz, always so good to us, we love playing for y'all so much, also great to see the Golden Pudel crew there…big vibes at that show…, Jeroen and all at DB,s in Utrecht for a really really great show, massive energy that night too, Ian , Alex Morgan , Noel Gardner and all at the Moon in Cardiff another big energy show, Neil, Chris, Henry and Andy at the Maze in Nottingham…amazing bunch..had a great show with y'all, Tom in Glasgow and all who came to the flying duck for our last show, “twas a great night and the support bands were fucking great too. Massive thanks also to Mai Mai Mai aka Tony Macaroni aka the Vulture for being such a great geezer and playing and recording with us and retaining his wonderful sense of humour. Also massive shout to Raikes Parade our live sound hero, without him we would struggle for sure, big love to Bob de wit at Flipside in Eindhoven..looks like we have a killer album recorded there.. Dutch Pete and Big Jim for driving us around and also never losing it and trying to kill us all haha Greg Wynne for coming to TWO shows (crazy man) , lastly a big thanks to all that came to see us, you must all be fucking off yer heads hahaha

Gnod Bless

Sorry if we forgot anyone but you know we love you