8 Jun 2017

Get Into This review Hey Colossus - The Guillotine

The great music website 'Get Into This' have added Hey Colossus - The Guillotine in their current choice cut album's for June.

This is what they say:

Hey Colossus have undergone a spectacular transformation with their last few records, growing from krautrock infused sludge-terrorisers into measured and menacing psychonauts with honest to god catchy songs.

This new record sees them continue down this path, perhaps for the first time placing Paul Sykes‘ spectacular lyrics front and centre, which is a good job, because he’s really got something to get off his chest. The dread of the current political climate hangs over the entire record, with a verse from single Englishman‘ that muses on the futility of nationalism sticking out in particular: “Whoops the empire slipped through the cracks / The stuff of legend and it’s never coming back / Here lies egress / Stitching on a dodo to the family crest“. He strikes out at the world’s ails with verbose, pointed and acidic wit throughout the record, while retaining a level of esoteric mystery that’s captivating.

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