1 Dec 2016

The Ransom Note premiere KURO - Arashi video

The Ransom Note have premiered the video for KURO - Arashi

Watch the video here: The Ransom Note

The video was made by Rocket's very own Johnny O.

Ransom note says:

"The mood in the room lay dark and quiet. There was little sound to be heard but for the buzz of instrumentation..."

We here at Ransom Note can sometimes struggle to seperate ourselves from the world of distorted electronics, drums and noise. However, when we do it often takes something quite remarkable and and at times captivatingly odd to make us pay attention. KURO achieved the above with a resounding yes.

As a result we opted to cover and we were delighted to be offered an exclusive first play of their brand new music video for 'Arashi' which sees a dark room set alive with the sound and whir of ambient music."

Buy their debut S/T album here: Rocket