31 Dec 2016

Rocket Probes – December playlist

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Pantechnicon (Gnoomes Remix)
(Gnoomes create more of their magic on CoAM track)
Cavern Of Anti-Matter

Hills – S/T and Uncollected Sounds
(Amazing reissue of Hills debut and an LP of unreleased music – expertly put together by Cardinal Fuzz)

Hey Colossus – Dedicated to Uri Klangers
(Amazing compilation of Hey Colossus tracks from 2004 - 2015...essential!)
Hey Colossus

Fatma – The dirty beat
(Great 2 track 7" of electro/dub grooves from this Swedish band on Haga Nord)

Oren Ambarchi - Hubris Pt. 3
(Stunning piece of modern krautrock)
Oren Ambarchi

Various – Zam Zam Monstre Compilation
(Great 5 year birthday comp from Zam Zam featuring Anthroprophh, Negra Branca, Black Tempest, Ahrkh. Ayn Sof and many more)
Zam Zam

Anders Stub – In the dark hours
(Kalle from Hills played us this and other albums by Anders when we were in Gothenburg – great stuff on Kommun 2)

Technicolor Poets ‎– Hadrar Hotel
(Another discovery courtesy of Hills – an album that is also on the great Kommun 2 label)
Technicolor Poets

Björn J:Son Lindh – Abdo
(Great flute driven ethic psych from the album Cous Cous – another discovery from our trip to Goatland)
Björn J:Son Lindh

Rotomagus – The Sky Turns Red: Complete Anthology
(Great slice of French proto metal)

Lee Hazzlewood/Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet morning
(Bloody love a bit of of Lee and Nancy)
Lee Hazzlewood/Nancy Sinatra

Noura Mint Seymali - Arbina
(Nice Saharan psych jams)
Noura Mint Seymali 

SNTS – Live in the Boiler Room
(Heavy and deep techno)

TAD – Back Catalogue
(Still sounding great!)

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