7 Dec 2016

Clash premieres Gnoomes remix of Caverns of Anti Matter track

Being huge fans of the great Stereolab we are exciting to share this great Gnoomes Remix of Caverns of Anti Matter's track 'Pantechnicon'

See what Clash Magazine say about the remix here: Clash

This is what CoAM's Tim Gane says of the remix:
"Sparkling remix. Refocuses the track somewhere else completely and they totally make it their own in the process. Some other kind of landscape has developed in place of the original and it's exciting to discover these new worlds." 

And Gnoomes say:
"We’d heard Void Beats / Invocation Trex exactly the day when it was released and 'Panthecnicon' it became one of our favourites on the first listen. Later we went touring over Italy and this very track was the great soundtrack of our journey, riding from Italy to France along the French Rivera and listening to this song. Its repetitive structure and harmonies were a kind of audial picturesque additions to the most beautiful landscapes we’d ever seen. It seemed that our trip would never end and maybe that euphoria brought us a wish to make a remix of this song, to give our vision of it." 

Gnoomes have just finished their follow up to last years album Ngan!, more details to follow in the New Year...and all we can say so far is it is sounding a bit special!