31 Jan 2016

Rocket probes – January playlist

Frank Film, Frank MOURIS, 1973 by shortanimatedworld

Hills – Live at Daemonens Port
(Hills live double LP... what more you need to know)

Landing - Across the sky (Gnoomes remix)
(The mighty Gnoomes remix a track by US space dronesters 'Landing')

David Bowie - Blackstar 
(Some great track on this album to leave us with...true genius)
David Bowie

Guilhem Desq – Omen
(This is stunning...now that is a nice FUZZ sound)
Guilhem Desq 

Kebnekajse - Resa Mot Okant Mal
(Bass player from Goat turned us on to this 70s Swedish psych rock album)

Julia Holter – Have you in my wilderness
(Late to the game with this great album...musically it reminds us of Robert Wyatt and bits of Broadcast plus a whole load more)
Julia Holter

This Heat - Reissues
(Nice to have these lovely packaged reissues (saves the wear on the originals)...essential records that every home must not be without)
This Heat

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – Cognition / Observation
(The great Robert Lowe returns with another great slice of modular synth and african drum patterns)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

Flowers Must Die – HÖGA NORD
(We are huge fans of FMD as you know, and this picture disc from last year is still on heavy rotation in mission control...and they have just put up a ltd few more copies up on their site, BUY ONE QUICK!)
Flowers Must Die

Count Ossie – Man from Higher Heights
(Simon Price from the Heads turned us on to this back in the mid nineties...minimal tribal dub with fuzz guitar...still a Rocket fave!)
Count Ossie