17 Jan 2016

Artrocker reviews Mamuthones, Capra Informis and Oneida 12"s

They say:

21st Century ‘indie’ labels increasingly make feeble assaults on the mainstream by being brattish digital marketers, hawking opaque, hollow copies of the dregs of whatever retro-Spotify playlists they think will give them the best Google analytics that month. So it is refreshing that we have Rocket Recordings – a truly independent label on a simple mission to bore a hole through our collective craniums by bringing the most experimental, expansive slabs of unique music from around the world. You’ll probably know them from Goat, the be-masked Swedish voodoo freaks (or collective of astute musicians having an almighty laugh at the Music Industry) who took Funkadelica as a starting point and took it off into the shamanic psychedelic dance beast which can be seen at festivals across the globe.

And invariably their releases are as much earworms as they are statements of art. Here, on these three lovingly presented EPs (all in black and white, maze sleeve designs with printed cards in the inlay) they showcase that quality control by introducing three distinct bands who, in equal measure, make your hair stand up and empty your bowels to a blizzard of aural delights. Sound good? Of course it does...

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