27 Jan 2016

Josefin Öhrn : Five records that changed my life

Danish site Ekstra Bladet asked Josefin Öhrn what are the five records that changed your life, her answers were (roughly translated):

Josefin Öhrn : Five records that changed my life
The concert current Swedish singer of a handful of albums that made a crucial difference

Stockholm Josefine Öhrn + The Liberation played in the aftermath of the Grammy-nominated debut EP 'Diamond Wave' at last year's Roskilde Festival. Since it is acclaimed debut album 'Horse Dance' come, and now guests the back country with their psychedelic stoner-pop that sounds a bit like Hope Sandoval in front of The War On Drugs. On this occasion we have asked Josefin find five personal landmark plates out from the rack.

Catherine Ribeiro + 2BIS: 'Catherine Ribeiro + 2BIS' (1969)
I was crazy about this album, because I had never heard anything like it before. Catherine Ribeiro is a French / Portuguese artist. The music is hypnotic and very powerful. Catherine Ribeiro wrote with Patrice Moullet, who built his own instrument, called a 'kosmofon', which is a combination of a synthesizer and percussion, making music is very atmospheric.

Her vote is totally incredible. She tells so many stories just by the sound of his voice. And so the way the songs are created on the events is very interesting, it is very avant-garde. I first heard a song in a playlist and wanted to hear more, but could not...

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