15 Sep 2015

'We the beat 'say some words about Gnoomes singles 'Roadhouse (Edit)'

Gnoomes – Roadhouse (Edit)

If you’re in the mood for something a little psychedelic, you’re in luck because the Russian indie-pop band Gnoomes has just released the seriously trippy tune by the name of “Roadhouse.” Soft, focused vocals and a classic array of indie acoustics give this song a dreamy feel that’s hard to resist. Listening to “Roadhouse,” your mind is instantly filled with an analog image of little specs of dust floating in golden rays of sun that dance across the boys of Gnoomes as they lie in a breezy field waiting to do what their band was inspired by- Stargazing. Born out of the human state of Stargazing, these Russian friends created Gnoomes in February 2014 and signed with Lair Records. Since then the boys have released melodic rock singles like this one and are gearing up to release their first LP Ngan! this coming October.

Visit the site here: We the beat

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