10 Sep 2015

Backseat Mafia Reviews Hills – Frid


Hills are one of my favourite bands, and the 2011 album ‘Master Sleeps’ is one of my most played. I love the coming together of dance rhythms with drone and a healthy dose of reverb, a heady mixture that I find myself lost in again and again. However, on first playing the new album ‘Frid’ I was a little disappointed that it sounded quite derivative of its predecessor.

The first track, ‘Kollectiv’ appears to have the same ideas and philosophy behind it…until about three minutes in that is. This is when the sitar kicks in and took me off in a different direction altogether. It is as if the band have given you a moment to acclimatise to their sound again, four years is a long time between albums after all, and then set its course; a course that takes the listener to the heart of a psychedelic/ ritualistic experience that demands the listeners attention and does not let you go until the very last bar...

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