11 Sep 2015

Exclusive Head Medicine interview with Goat

Head Medicine have had the opportunity to Interview Goat once again...


The mysterious Swedish psychedelic collective GOAT has emerged once again from the shadows with a new single, "It's Time For Fun" b/w "Relax," the band's first new tracks since the release of Commune last October.  Unexpectedly, the limited edition single debuted at #1 on the UK vinyl singles charts, proving that their fans are still as rabid as ever.  The new music finds the band in an unexplored tangent -- a more sparse, laid back sound draped over a skittering drum machine.  Both tracks start off roughly the same, with a nervous drum machine clicking over a simple repetitive baseline, but they split from there.  The A-side, "It's Time For Fun" is a formal Goat track stripped down to the bone with a sparse arrangement of guitar and keys with a simple sing along vocal line, while the single's b-side, "Relax," is a hazy instrumental daydream with added layers of percussion and organ.  "It's Time for Fun" has already been integrated into the live Goat set, and has quickly evolved far past the recorded version (it is at the 25:30 mark of their Glastonbury show) while "Relax" stands off to the side on its own as a welcomed anomaly in the Goat catalog.

Head Medicine recently caught up with GOAT to learn more about these tracks, their thoughts on recent live shows,  and what lies ahead...

Read the rest of this great and revealing interview here: Head Medicine