13 Apr 2015

Louder than War 9/10 review of Gnod's Infinity Machines

Gnod – Infinity Machine

Gnod have produced a monolithic slab of unquantifiable proportions, with every track facilitating its own mini trip its an incredible collection of tracks. One of the finest things I’ve heard all year so far!

The almighty purveyors of psychedelic synthesised noise Gnod are back with a monolithic album in the form of Infinity Machines, clocking in at over 2 hours (if you include the bonus live set) this is an incredible feat in itself. As opener Control Systems bleeps and squelches into life, it transforms itself into a saxophone driven piece from outer space with its twinkly synth lines.

The sparse quotes providing a small let up from the otherwise spaced out free jazz of the track, an incredible way to open this epic album. Collateral Damage continues using the saxophone theme but the interspersions are more frequent to begin with, the discussion of taking someone else’s creative output as your own rumbling on in the effected background of the track...

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