10 Apr 2015

Echoes and Dust reviews Gnod's Infinity Machines

Gnod - Infinity Machines

You never quite know what to expect with Gnod...or is that gnever gnow? One of the most mysterious and innovative bands of the last few years, they’ve covered the gamut of the music spectrum from dark techno, twisted psych and pretty much everything in between. Now, with their new triple album, Infinity Machines they once again reinvent the wheel and take everything you have ever known and spin it into something completely different.

At first list it’s all a bit disconcerting. Gone are the extreme bouts of noise and in its place is a much more measured, ambient sound. Seemingly taking its cue from a jazz viewpoint, the shades of Miles Davis (in particular Bitches Brew) and Sun Ra poke through the ethereal, industrial music, opening up new realms of possibilities within the songs. In fact scratch that, these aren’t songs in any sense we know, these are more collages of sound cobbled together to create a quite disturbing whole.

As a triple album the whole thing can seem quite disconcerting and with a number of tracks stretching out over the seventeen minute mark you really do need to set some time aside for it. Once you do you will find yourself adrift on a journey unlike any other and may even question reality itself by the end of it. This is psychedelic jamming on an extreme scale although the word psychedelic here is not in any way meant to link itself in with a psych genre. This is genre-less stuff and belongs in a room by itself…

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