5 Aug 2013

Teeth of the Sea's Jimmy Martin interviews Terminal Cheesecake

Teeth of the Sea's Jimmy Martin has interviewed Terminal Cheesecake for The Quietus about their forthcoming shows at the Corsica in London and at Supernormal Festival:

Return To Orbit: The Long, Strange Trip Of Terminal Cheesecake

London's clown princes of synapse-shredding noise rock and psychedelia Terminal Cheesecake have just reunited with help from Gnod, and are preparing to lay waste to Supernormal Festival. Jimmy Martin caught up with the band's members to talk onstage drug experiences and their strange and addled history

"It was very ritualistic for us to really get out of our heads when we played," asserts Terminal Cheesecake's Gordon Watson, sat in a Hackney pub on a warm July evening. "It was very deliberate, and not messing about - like, properly out of our heads. We weren't trying to be professional or anything, it was about having a big psychedelic experience. And one gig we played there, I was playing away, and I was in this massive cloud of artificial smoke, the whole place was just obscured from my view. I played for about twenty minutes like that, the smoke machine kept puffing up big clouds of smoke and I was really getting into it, lost contact with the rest of the band really, couldn't see the audience, all I could see were these flashing lights and the smoke machine. I started wandering around the stage and I wandered far enough and I realised it was only me that was onstage. I was there by myself, and the rest of the band left me there."

"That happened quite often, actually…" he reflects.

Let's cut straight to the chase here. There must, surely, have been times when Terminal Cheesecake, London's recently reformed clown princes of synapse-shredding noise rock and queasy psychedelic abandon, thought about whether they maybe ought to have given themselves a less stupid name?...

Read the rest of the interview here: The Quietus

You can buy tickets for their London show here (Rocket's Rik Motor and Tesla tapes Nighthammer will be DJ'ing on the night): Corsica show